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About Tehi Service

Tehi, AS, is the Pneumatic and Hydraulic Company based in the EU. We aim to provide our customers with the latest technologies available in the market. Our focus area is to shorten the waiting time for spare parts, maximize the uptime and reduce operation & repair costs. With 10 years of experience in the Pneumatics and Hydraulics field, Tehi, AS, aims to ensure that systems and machineries of our customers – shipyards, construction sites, factories, farmers, and machinery repair services – run safely and reliably 24/7. Customer satisfaction with our service is our source of inspiration.


Benefits for our customers

Today, availability serves as the determining factor. Combined with the exclusion of any possible downtime, and the protection of humans and the environment, these are the things that define the quality of our work. Striving for the ultimate perfection and fast availability of all our products and services, we always aim to maintain the highest level of extensive responsibility that ensure excellent results for our customers.

TEHI mission

To provide high quality service and JIT (Just In Time) manufacturing at the competitive price in the market.

TEHI vision

In 2015, we aim to increase our competence in Norway by: – Delivering orders placed online to all destinations in Norway, – Improving the delivery time for our customers, and – Supplying products and related services for a competitive price.

How does it work?

Tehi, AS, can be easily contacted. Sales Engineers are available to answer any customer inquiries. Hose Production Technicians are producing hose, bending the pipe, and assembling the power station. Our delivery company is ready to deliver products to a customer.

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