Hose identification code

  For more than 10 years, the TEHI hose identification code has served as a highly successful tool. A code of six numbers + letters works as an identity for all our products. It defines product’s features associated with hydraulic connecting elements as distinctively as a fingerprint. A label bearing the hose identification is applied prominently and permanently to a hose line. Therefore, this enables our customers to obtain spare parts they need efficiently and accurately. We are able to identify your spare part almost as soon as you provide us with the hose identification code. It is then produced at the closest branch and is ready for collection just a few minutes later. Upon request, we can also deliver a replacement hose line directly to the customer. The shipment is done in the specified quality, without delays or mistakes. A brief summary of the advantages: – Accurate identification – Replacement of parts can be requested by a phone call – Fast delivery – Subsequent coding upon request – Preventative hose line management