Hydraulic machines power various moving parts by applying the force of fluid under pressure. Systems differ from tiny simple and straight-forward ones to very large, high pressure ones that feature a complex array of servo valves and pumps. Despite the size or complexity, proper maintenance of BOTH the system and the hydraulic oil is crucial in order to maximize the uptime and reduce the repair costs. TEHI team is able to track events in the client’s environment. We can provide you with the service that enables us to warn you about the devices under warranty or post-warranty. We can also warn of upcoming repairs and nods with a service life that’s about to expire. Many years’ of TEHI’s extensive experience has proved successful in a way that hydraulic, pneumatic and water systems installed and monitored by us actually have an extended life cycle. TEHI team aims to operate professionally and finish the work with minimal costs and in the shortest amount of time. This is the only way for us to reach our clients.