Piping project on Dredger has been succesfully tested! Monday September 9th, 2019

Tehi offers a wide range of services: hydraulic hose testing and replacement, hydraulic hoses and pipes manufacturing according to customer’s needs.

Our engineers will do it for you!

With regard to the new contract, TEHI AS can offer new stainless steel products – AISI316 1.4571, AISI304 1.4301, AISI321 1.4541 Thursday April 18th, 2019

With regard to the new contract, TEHI AS can offer new stainless steel products (AISI316 1.4571, AISI304 1.4301, AISI321 1.4541).

All types of hose couplings – AISI 316;

Pipe connections – AISI316;

Seamless hydraulic pipes – AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 320;

Ball Valves – AISI 316;

Control Valves – AISI316.

New products available in our store – XRP and JLS motosport fittings and hose Wednesday June 28th, 2017

New products available in our store. XRP and JLS – manufacturers of motor and auto sports adapters, flexible joints, specs. XRP and JLS are brands well known among car and motorbike racers. XRP produces top quality nozzles and adapters. JLS manufactures top-notch hoses for racing cars and motorbikes.

All products are made from aluminum, light aluminum alloy, which features of resistance is even higher than same products made from steel.
We focus on only to the highest quality products, which, in the long run, saves our customer time and money.
Top-quality nozzles and hoses for racing cars and motorbikes in our store! Other parts from XRP and JLS catalogs – by order.

WE CARE ABOUT MACHINERY! Wednesday February 15th, 2017

We are launching our new web site! We can finally proudly inform, that now our customers have an opportunity not only to check  our products, but also select, send request and purchuase necessary product or service on our site. We represent only in world recognized brands – GATES, ValCon. Our products and services – your guarantee to precise and continious job!

In website you can:

ONLINE order high and low pressure hoses

Order hydraulic hose components

Using original manufacturer code, find right idustrial belt or agro belt for your machinery

Find and select industrial hose

Send requests for service or repairs

Order any type hydraulic or pneumatic component for industry, construction enginery, heavy machineries

Choose delivery to any country in Europe

Live online assistance to all registrated members.

Soon on our website:

E-shop with more than 120,000 products for pneumatics, hydraulics and high quality workshop               tools.

Select cylinder according to your machinery.

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From the 1st of April 2015, every customer will have an opportunity to use ONLINE HOSE ORDERING system. Place your order here and receive a flexible connection (a hose) without visiting or calling us. Thursday August 7th, 2014

Fluid technology is a complex affair. Fitters do not just have to install hose lines, but also many associated components such as fastening elements, insulating materials or electronic parts. It is a time-consuming and cost-intensive process, ordering the required parts from the different manufacturers and organising their supply to the fitting team. Read all

Where conventional pipework reaches its natural limits, moulded hoses are a perfect and cost-effective solution. Thursday August 7th, 2014

The pipe bending department operates computer-controlled bending machines on which pipes in lengths of up to 6,000 mm and in a wide range of materials, such as steel, stainless steel, copper or aluminium, can be bent to their final precision shape in a matter of seconds. The left / right bending technique permits even extremely tight radius sequences on up to three different bend planes  – all in one pass.

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