4219BF Barricade™ Greenshield™ Fuel Injection

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Recommended for Barricade™ uses our unique, five-layer Greenshield™ technology to keep fuel vapour out of the environment while delivering peak fuel efficiency. Barricade™ hoses can handle more fuel types than standard hoses, including gasohol, diesel, ethanol, methanol, sour gas, and biodiesel up to B100.

It is designed for virtually any engine application that’s equipped with a conventional carburettor, including:

Carbureted engines.

Cars, light-duty trucks, small engines.

EEC, EGR, catalytic converter, air pump, pcv valve, charcoal canister

Tube HNBR based.
Barrier Thermoplastic liner.
Reinforcement Aramid fibre.
Cover CPE.
Temperature -40°c to +125°c continuous service for bio-diesel use and up to +150°c intermittent service for non-bio-diesel use.
Inovation https://ww2.gates.com/europe/downloads/download_common.cfm?file=50080_E2_FLUID_POWER_CATALOGUE_Barricade_Greenshield_Fuel_Hose_22-23.pdf&folder=brochure&location_id=19543
Characteristics/benefits Permeation rate less than 15g/m2/day at 40°c.

For use with gasoline, gasoline/ethanol blends (E10, E15, E85), 100% methanol only diesel, diesel/bio-diesel blends. 100% bio-diesel

Important Do not submerse in fuel.