4219BG Barricade™ GreenShield™

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Recommended for
Low permeation engine application equipped with a conventional carburettor, including cars, ATV’s, trucks, tractors and lawn and garden equipment for a wide range of fuel types.
Tube ECO based.
Barrier Nylon liner.
Reinforcement Synthetic high tensile textile.
Cover CSM (Chlorosulfinated polyethylene) based.
Temperature -40°c to +125°c continuous service.
Standarts California Air Resources Board (CARB) emission requirements for small off-road vehicles. U.S. EPA emission requirements 40 CFR1051.110 for recreational vehicle engines. Exceeds SAE J30R14 T1 specification.
Characteristics/benefits Permeation rate less than 15g/m2/day at 40°c.

Can handle almost any type of fuel including gasohol, diesel, ethanol, methanol, sour gas, and biodiesel up to B100.

Important Do not submerse in fuel

Do not use on pressure lines on fuel injection systems or cooling system applications.

Use 4219BG Barricade™ GreenShield™ hose for multi-port injection systems.