Faster replacement, shorter downtimes

TEHI hydraulic workshops are able to shorten the waiting time for spare parts. Therefore, any possible downtimes in construction and tunnel building sites are cut to a minimum. The vast majority of main construction and tunnel building sites are often based in locations where infrastructure is not yet developed. Due to this, lots of time can be constantly wasted while waiting for a replacement hose line to arrive. Fortunately, a TEHI hydraulic workshop can offer a solution to this, as our production is known for its fast availability. Well-equipped workshops fully supplement the servicing departments or support design departments during the fast production of prototypes. TEHI hydraulic workshops have already proved very successful for stationary use in industrial installations. The fully equipped hydraulic workshop is able to produce a spare part 24/7. This kind of machinery working without major financial losses will be a crucial factor for the financial success of your projects!

Protection from fatal reactions

TEHI has a wide range of services in order to ensure the protection against problems of hydraulic connecting elements. TEHI helps you business minimize the risk of issues that are able to trigger a serious reaction at the whole construction site. As every minute counts, it is essential to prevent your business from these problems occurring. At TEHI , your business can find a complete set of standard equipment. Specific supplementary requirements such as ATEX explosion protection are also available. The containers are usually rented. Our customers are able to place individual orders and extend the range of any necessary equipment.

mobile service of Tehi

Training for personnel

A hydraulic workshop will be adjusted to the existing construction pool of machinery at the site. The basic range of TEHI hydraulics workshops is systematically adapted to requirements of the site. Everything is being done according to the agreement with our customer. Afterwards, the workshop is operated by the customer’s personnel that will be involved in robust training organized by TEHI . Due to the standardization, the same personnel are able to execute the hose production in multiple hydraulic workshops at different sites, as tools and spare parts are available at the same place. TEHI will be ready to provide any support for the duration of construction, and give any advice necessary to ensure that the replenishment of materials is smoothly done. The workshop has the ability to be transported along with the site.

Fully-equipped mobile workshop protects from delays

When a construction site is located in areas without supplementing infrastructure, valuable time can be wasted until a necessary spare hose line is delivered. TEHI has a solution called Hydraulic Mobile Workshops. They serve as fully equipped containers with everything your fitters need to quickly produce spare parts. The container can be transported along with the building site if it moves. Hydraulic Mobile Workshops ensure that time delays caused by traffic jams or long distances are avoided. Another benefit is that the customer pays for the goods only at the moment they are removed from a warehouse. TEHI offers a targeted warehousing. We can provide your business with all the components necessary for a hose line. Also, a fast response is guaranteed.

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